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Producer Sanjana Parmar will soon venture into music videos

Producer Sanjana Parmar will soon venture into music videos

Sanjana Parmar

Music videos, regardless of genre or era—whether it's a rock band or post-grunge—always deliver our best. Do you ever find yourself on YouTube watching your favorite music video? You, of course, do! And, to your delight, producer Sanjana Parmar is also working on a melodious musical video!

She has already enthralled moviegoers and binge-watchers with various projects under the banner of her production company, House of Joy Productions. 

Sanjana Parmar, on the other hand, wants to branch out into music videos. It's still unclear whether it'll be a party anthem, a love song, or an item number! However, the producer is here to stay and has already begun putting together elements for her first music video!

Though Sanjana Parmar hasn't revealed much about this project, we're confident it will be a success as well. We anticipate that the producer will use this music video to showcase undiscovered talent.

Sanjana Parmar says, "Because it's my first music single," "I enjoy watching music videos, so I'm very excited to be producing something that I enjoy as well. Every form of entertainment is distinct from the others, and I would like to continue exploring them all."

Sanjana Parmar is a determined and resourceful woman. She began her career in the entertainment industry by producing the web series Suraj aur Saanjh for Hotstar. 

She also founded House of Joy Productions, which has produced short films such as Surprise, Online Girlfriend, 2 Square, Raja Beta, and others.

She has a slew of upcoming projects, including two rom-coms and a thriller feature film, a web show, and a slew of exciting short films. 

Sanjana Parmar has always been drawn to Bollywood and has worked as a digital brand manager for several movie stars. She is now entertaining the audience as a producer. Her experience has been both inspiring and rewarding.

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